Moth (Me) by Amber McBride

 If there is a place of existence beyond the reach of words etched on parchment or songs whispered in the wind -

Moth (Me) is the in-between of that space of inhaling, closing one's eyes to sit in a moment, and exhaling while opening eyes to the possibilities that invite us in to life.

Amber McBride in her novel-in-verse has truly gifted us with glimpses into and beyond the right now, to other realms of the past, present, and future.

In this work, this tender poet, parts the curtains, just a bit, between here and there, allowing the readers to feel the presence of those deeply loved, of hearing the melodies of the ancestors, of sitting in the cadence of the trees, of being loved and wanted - deeply, of wanting and hoping - totally, of guiding and shifting - eternally.

Moth (Me) is the alternating voice we encounter in this work, met then by her co-sojourner - Sani.

In unexpected twists and turns, in dealing with life and loss, with the volcano of emotions of coming-of-age, and of ultimately, facing a truth beyond truth, this is a book that had me gasping for air as I felt myself swaying with every new line, eagerly turning pages to find out what happened to them on the trip that was ultimately a spirit dream to spirit dream.

The author honors African American, African cosmology and Native American spirituality, specifically Navaho. The land does speak a language and has much to say. As does the wind, air, water, and beyond the clouds. It is a love gift to the two people groups in this country whose very blood seeps deep into the roots. 

I did. not expect the ending and perhaps that is the intention, to have us leaving our present to know that we are truly surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who are very much a part of our now. 

Read this book.


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