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What is Toni Reading?

 My friends know that I am always reading a book, actually, more than one at one time. Often, it is a fiction and a non-fiction book that I'm alternating between, kind of like my breakfast read versus my lunchtime read. I decided to stop for a minute and take a look at titles I picked up at the library and what intrigued me about them. As summer is approaching and as you may (or should!) be considering what to read while you go to the beach or honestly, have another summer in your back yard wondering when Covid will release us to the world.  Well, literature and literary non-fiction can give us some thought provoking nuggets. Literary non-fiction I already reviewed and talked about The 1619 Project. It absorbed a lot of angst from people who did not want to look America in the mirror. It is still an important read and one I would recommend for those about to go to college or already there. It contains a lot of history not taught in the schools. It is in 18 sections that are meaty a