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Literary Non-Fiction: God is a Black Woman by Christena Cleveland, PhD

 I have been mesmerized by the beautiful Black woman on this cover.  To me, literary work of late has been as much about the cover art as it has been about the telling inside. So for all of 2022, so far, I was following the IG promotion of Christena Cleveland, PhD, hyping us up to get this book when it drops. Now, all authors do that, as they should. If they don't believe in their work enough to post or Tweet about it, why should I want to plop down $26.99+tax+shipping for the imaginations of their day? Her posting hit my Bookgram feed around the same time as I was engaging with The 1619 Project, another aesthetically pleasing offering, and Shouting' in the Fire, a cover on this slim book that draws ones eye in. So, of course I wondered what this was about.  Until encountering her on IG, I did not know about this sociologist and former professor at Duke Divinity School down in North Carolina. I went to seminary in boring old Missouri and while a budding womanist, certainly did