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Literary Non Fiction: The 1619 Project

 This book struck a nerve. Perhaps that is why there has been this hyper vigilant manufactured hand wringing over CRT. It started when the esteemed Journalist and Professor, Nikole Hannah-Jones used her research and inquisitive skills honed though a stellar career to ask the fundamental questions about 1619. She called it a new origin story and through first and second person research, set out to tell the story of America. The New York Times Magazine feature was well read and well regarded by so many.  I was a newly minted M.Div when the magazine came out in August 2019 and being in the Midwest, was not able to pick up a paper copy.  I read excerpts of it online and followed the Twitter posts.  I was intrigued. Then 2020 happened. First the pandemic. Then the murder(s). Then the protests. Then the panic. Then the backlash. Then the election. Then the big lie. Then, then, then. And in 2021, there became this dog whistling even louder of CRT. Mind you, this is a graduate level, doctoral

The Scholars are Sisters: Black Women Non-Fiction Literary Works

 I began my literary reviews over a decade ago - Tayé Foster Bradshaw's Bookshelf - to honor those Stories that were singing my soul song.   I concentrated mostly on literary fiction because that is my passion and what drew me into writing about what was missing when I went to the bookstores. I still do not read Urban Fiction and anywhere near water is my favorite place to be. That said, I also read and have been impacted by a lot of literary non-fiction written by Black women.   Some of my reading and deeply annotated reading happened in the last twenty years, in the space between my MBA and my M.Div. The last few have encompassed a lot of theological writing because I'm still a fairly new M.Div (M.Antona Brent Smith, I graduated in 2019) and still new as a Womanist scholar.  Here is the list of the 2022 New Releases that I just purchased and am anxiously waiting to read. 1.  God is a Black Woman  by Christena Cleveland, Ph.D. -  The cover alone is worth the pre-order. I have