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Reading Black Women in 2022

 I have been reading and reviewing Black women's literary works for over a decade. Back when I started doing this, it was hard to find titles.  I scoured libraries, bookstores - anyone remember Walden Books?, used book sales, any where I thought I would find a book. Publishing then, as now, was timid/reluctant/downright hostile to stories by Black women about Black women that was not steeped in oppression, enslavement, or some other tragic trope.  When the urban lit genre came out, supposedly depicting life in "Black America", my stomach turned in knots. My son is a lyricist, hip hop rapper, and he refused to sign with the major record label that was courting him for the very reason I felt such disdain on the cover in these book back in 2008 - it was all hyper masculinity and hyper sexuality without an ounce of authenticity. For him, he wanted to stay true to his art and message and not be marketing a lifestyle that was not was "living in the hood" was about. Ye