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American Like Me - Whose Stories Are Told

 I was invited by the town library to take part in a community event celebrating fall and an opportunity to gather together. We live in Connecticut and in a town that is pretty much all vaccinated, so after putting off the festival last year, they renewed it for 2021. One of the literary aspects of the gathering was to host a book discussion of the One Book/One Town choice, American Like Me , edited by America Ferrera. Would this have been my choice? Probably not, but given that of the People of the Global Majority who live in this town about fifteen minutes from Yale, it made sense to pick this. Being still new to Connecticut, I'm intrigued by the many cultures that call this home. So I dived into the reading with gusto, a pen, lots of coffee, and my post-it-notes.  The book is filled with first person accounts of an immigrant story from people who are "famous" in a variety of fields. They represent those who are between cultures either because they were born outside the