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 Disgrunted Merriam Webster defines it simply as "unhappy or annoyed." It's synonyms are aggrieved, discontent, displeased, dissatisfied.   I picked up this book on an April trip to Philadelphia with my husband and daughter. We stayed at the Inn at Penn and did a bit of a walking tour of the University of Pennsylvania. The inn was next to the bookstore, so of course we wandered in. This book by Asali Solomon, is set in Philly in the 80s, ripe for so many cultural remembrances for me as that was the mark of my teen years and entry into college. It was to be a different sort of coming-of-age journey with Kenya. I was draw in to the image of Philadelphia, a far away town from my Missouri upbringing. It is a big bustling city with the mark of American history replete through it. The Lenape people, the original peoples before William Penn, a Quaker, arrived in 1662 to establish a place where freedom of religion was possible a respite from persecution in London. Philadelphia wa