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The Angel of Greenwood by Randi Pink

 Has your heart every skipped a beat? Had those flutters of possibility? Watched the blooming of what could be? That is how I felt reading The Angel of Greenwood. Set in the weeks before the fatal massacre of the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, it gave a glimpse of what that idyllic life would have been like. It almost seems impossible to imagine now, a thriving all-Black/African American community that turned their dollar over so many times within their neighborhood that they didn't have much need for the outside world. For years, they built a dream, a promise for their future generations. Yes, all around them, as more of the world was grappling with the after-effects of the war, as cultural debates among Black people were happening (think Washington vs. DuBois), and as Black vets were being targeted in the south, this little Mecca seemed immune to it. What this book gave me, give us, is a gift. There are and will be plenty of remembrances and writings about the lives and busines