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Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh

 B rilliant isn't enough. Neither is Breathtaking. Stunning? Amazing? Spectacular? I am hardly at a loss for words when it comes to reviewing a book I've read, especially one by a Black female author, but this one ,this heavy, weighted, artistically rendered word on paper that reminds me why I love words on print, this is one that has me searching through my dictionary and thesaurus to give an ounce of justice to the work of Candice Iloh in her debut piece. This  is a book about a girl, a teenager, first daughter, Ada, who is coming to terms with herself, her heritage, and her place in a world not readily made for Black girls who imagine something different for themselves and want to discover life. It is written in her voice, alternating between these current moments of change in her life - high school graduation and the first year of college at a noted HBCU - and the memories of what has shaped her becoming. This is a story, all 403 pages, that does not leave one feeling like