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Reading 2021

 I am like a lot of the Bibliophiles I know, longing for the casual browse into the bookstore to find that treasure that will give us that heart fluttering, deep inhale, eyes-closed, satisfaction of a good book. The pandemic has definitely impacted my reading and writing. A few things, first, I'm still reading and writing. This space, however has been devoted to Black women authors who write literary works. I shy away from stereotyped, one-dimensional stories of what it means to be Black and American or Black and European or Black and Latinx. We are complex and nuanced. I've also read some amazing works by YA authors and have our list for 2021 on our Bookshelf. Many are by Black women. I love the depth of YA stories that spark conversations. Head over there for a list and if you have an Afrodiasporan teen, consider having them join us for the summer experience. We love books that give then a fuller image of their possibilities.  The Hurston and Hughes Literary Circle.   .   So