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My Bookstore and Coffee Sunday

I love bookstores. And Coffee. Literally. Whenever I travel, I try to find two things - a local bookstore and a local coffee shop. I often spend a great deal of time in these establishments, much to the chagrin of my teenage daughters who would rather be shopping elsewhere. But they are what makes my heart sing and after we have already spent time doing their "thing," I carve out time for mine. During these Covid-19 days, which my governor finally made a Statewide Stay-at-Home Order , I am probably not alone in thinking about what I will do when I get "out". Books are a comfort to me. They hold hopes and dreams, intention and impact, purpose and promise. I thought about the writers and authors, publishers and editors, the warehouse packers and delivery drivers, the marketers and the retailers, and finally, me, the buyer. All of the many parts that go into me being able to spend a Sunday browsing the shelves, hoping to find a hidden treasure or discov