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Sunday Social Distancing In Bed With A Book and a Latte

Sundays in spring could be for walks in the park or brunch with friends, but in these Covid-19 days, we have to reimagine what it means to have respite and relax on the Sabbath. Lots of my clergy friends have started Facebook Live and Zoom churches, so worship in PJs is expanding what the possible looks like for folks who didn't set foot in a building. It got me to thinking about the other part of my weekend that I look forward to. I love books, bookstores, coffee shops, and a leisurely stroll down a cobblestone street with the trees in bloom with my camera in hand. I can't do that right now. This time of social distancing and safe-at-home presents us an opportunity. The world has necessarily had to slow down and reimagine what it is to exist in  a place without being physically present with each other. How do we come together and enjoy spaces without being in the same space? Or, how do we contemplate what we will do until the end of April when we have run out of Ne