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Back to Reading with Heads of the Colored People

The one thing I was looking forward to after seminary was being able to "read for pleasure" and not "read for a paper." In my hiatus from the literary criticisms, we watched an amazing thing over the past three years. When I started this book blog and my reviews (initially on a RR Donnelly site, then HuffPo and now, here), there were not a lot of books to choose from beyond the known writers. I wanted stories that were relevant, but not stereotypical "urban" genre written by phantom people.  I wanted a story I could relate to and that encompassed the fullest expression of being a Black woman in the world. The TBR pile in my office is so high right now.  We kept reading over the summers with The Hurston and Hughes Literary Circle, complete with their follow-up reviews on a different site. The teens kept my nose-to-the-page with their selections of YA novels. But my own reading, that is something I am reaching back to for the sheer pleasure of a sister