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Laelia by Ruth-Miriam Garnett

Laelia by Ruth-Miriam Garnett A literary review by Tayé Foster Bradshaw One of the things that most excited me about reading Laelia was that it was a modern story, with modern references and someone I could understand. Equally exciting is that the author is from a nearby suburb, splits her time between St. Louis and New York, and is a published poet. She seemed like someone I would run into at my local coffee shop. Set in Peoria, Illinois, this story is as tender as the prized Orchids of the main protagonist, Rebecca, the quiet class of middle sister, Claudia, and the expectant muse of youngest sister, Gracelyn. The keeper of the Cates Family heritage, history, and home, she helps us strategize and synthesize the elements of this tale that make us shake our head in total agreement.   Three sisters, esteemed in their own right, heir of a fortune meticulously amassed by their parents, delicately invite us into the intricacies of their lives as women and the dec