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Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia

Does anyone remember being twelve? Remember lazy summers? Remember visiting relatives who we thought were "boring" and that going to the country would give us "nothing" to do. Remember sibiling rivileries? Remember just  wanting things to be normal? Rita Williams-Garcia does not dissapoint in this finale to the Gaither sisters story that gives us a glimpse of life in the pivotal Civil Rights Era against the backdrop of cultral change. We saw the girls go from their hair pressed and walking in dresses that Big Ma insisted up in One Crazy Summer to their finding voice, liberation, and afro puffs in P.S. Be Eleven, to finally coming to the place of understanding their family history against the backrop of American history and the changing course of culture. The three sisters - Delphine, the oldest, Vonetta, the middle and sometimes meanest, and Fern AKA Afua, the youngest and most perceptive - found themselves with bags of food, candy for each state, and a trai