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The Year The Colored Sisters Came To Town

The summer of one's eleventh year is a magical time in almost all young girls' lives. It is the cusp of budding puberty and the carefree moments of remaining childhood. It is the space of question and wonder, of exploration and explanation, it is a moment of sealing one's thoughts and expectations. Such is the summer of 1957 for Miss Viven Leigh Dubois, a cajun girl living on the brink of change in rural Louisiana. The Year The Colored Sisters Came To Town, by Jacqueline Guidry is presented in her voice, for the readers to wonder with her, like catching fireflies in a jar, if things would ever be tranquil again.  Encountering the complexities of Catholic heritage and education, racial divide and place questions, gender expectations and "change-of-life-babies," this sweet coming-of-age novel invites us to have a conversation with this young girl as we step into her world. The cast of characters is as rich as the lush Louisiana soil, as flavorful as one o