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Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat

There are some stories that sing to my soul, awaken my spirit, and connect with myself. It seems as if I am drawn, pulled in, welcomed in for the poetic and lyrical writing of Edwidge Danticat and her abilities to make the most painful, beautiful. Such is how it felt to me when reading Claire of the Sea Light. Like the young girl, I was a motherless child.  Unlike her, my mother lived until I was four.  LIke her, I had a father overcome with grief from losing his love and from having a girl child who so looked like her. The story unfolds in a seemingly single moment, a circular tale, with all the parties connected through this one event, then each going back in time for that one moment, that one ah-ha that made the rest explained. In this oh-so-very-Haitian way of taking one's time to lure you into a tale that makes you obvlious of time, wanting desperately for the best of the one you were rooting for, sucking in your breath when the unexpected happened to the one who see