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if you come softly by Jacqueline Woodson

Once again, Jacqueline Woodson has enlightened us and proven herself to be one of the master storytellers in YA fiction. She presents us with a tender story, a modern variation of what some would initially think is a simple Romeo & Juliet, until one digs deeper into the mastery of her work. The story, set in New York, brings together two of the major ethnic peoples - one African American and one Jewish - without having artificial discussions of race, ethnicity, and religion.  Those discussions are there in the everyday language of a group of teens who are somewhat used to being in a more diverse world than their grandparents. Set against the backdrop of one of New York's elite private school, the first meeting and first love magic unfolds through one kid's whose parents are rich and famous, and another who is struggling to pay the exorbitant fees.  It is not as one would expect. The journey through the story, much like a casual walk through Central Park, shifts the