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Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid

Remember being nineteen? Still technically a teenager, but deemed an adult. Trying desperately to forge an identity as far away from the familiar as possible, being nineteen has it's hopes and promises as well as its fears and dreams. Time can stand still, reaching back into history and forward into possibility, every young lady at nineteen is left with questions that demand answers. Such is the protagonist, Lucy, in the namesake work by Jamaica Kincaid. Does one follow the expected next-step after secondary school? Become a nurse? Go to college? Work? What is that next thing? This tender story is an invitation from Lucy to travel with her from her West Indian homeland, while unnamed in her works, one can surmise it is Antigua, the homeland of Jamaica Kincaid. Lucy invites the reader to reach back, for those over that age, or to imagine, for those not that age, what being nineteen can entail. The quest for independence, away from the known expectations of mother and the