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Somewhat Close to Normal by Ebonye Octavia Gussine

This debut novel takes us back to that uncertain time and that uneasy feeling that was 9-11. Written in a series of seemingly disjointed vignettes, this novel, conceived by the author when she witnessed the Twin Towers coming down as a New York teen, can feel as unsettling as the sunny morning when the world changed. It has been over a decade, and like the decade it took her to write the book, we are still grappling with what it all means.  Who are the “they” and what about “we” in how the event connected us all, whether we were in New York or in suburban Kansas City.  It defined a generation and perhaps, allowed us to see the humanity in each other. The novel exposes some of the feelings of loss, disconnect, connect, prejudice, racism, profiling, and the desire to move on despite it all.  No one then, or perhaps now really know what “moving on” means in light of the unimaginable.  One can only wonder how life altering that event was in the eyes of the school children that wer