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Why Black Female Writers?

We breathe and culture comes out. Our lips move and lyrics come out We change our dress and designer fashion comes out Our hands move and tomes of wonder come out We are black female writers, literary queens And we deserve to be read, to be read, to be read More than the Saarjite Baartman of the publishing world, black female writers are oracles of truth, clarion calling sisters of social change.  My journey as a writer and book reviewer came in studying my craft and the great ones who went before me.  It matters, their voice matters, we are not Hotentot Venus in print only worthy of reading if a majority publishing house decides to sexualize our cover and urbanize gansta our fiction.  Our voices are richer and deeper than some print-quick, get-rich-quick demoralizing our womanhood.  We are mothers, nurturers, keepers, holders, and uplifters of truth.  We are black female writers and this is why.