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Who Does She Think She Is?

Just this morning I uttered that time-used mama phrase, “Who does she think she is?” in reference to my tween daughter who was feeling herself just a bit too much.  It is probably my relationship with her that made me look into the future and glance back into the generations past as I read Benilde Little’s latest novel, Who does She Think She Is ?. It was almost by happenstance that I read this book last week.  We live in a townhouse, 1900 feet, downsized from our 3500 foot house across state.  That means we have boxes, tables, chairs, and lots of books in our garage.  I was in the garage, just before an Earth Day recycling event, trying to find any stray electronics when I stumbled upon this crate of books that moved from house to house. My books are connections to me, whether I read them or not, and are precious assets that I have a hard time parting with.  The Earth Day celebration also included a book donation and as I was looking through the crate, I found this book.  I re