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Cricket Promises by Keturah Israel

Remember the tumultuous years of growing up? The swirl of emotions and the new feelings? The anticipation of those "coming of age" moments like first bras, first periods, and first kisses? Remember feeling like you would just ddddddiiiiiieeee if that boy didn't carry your books between classes, if your friends didn't like your new outfit - even if it wasn't the designer duds, or if you were always left a wall flower because you weren't pretty enough?  Remember challenging your parents because you were no longer a little darling but were staring to have opinions of your own and thought you were just grown enough to express those opinions, to test those boundaries? Remember thinking your parents were too strict and not fair if they didn't let you do something your friends were doing? If you remember any of those things, then Cricket Promises is a great visit back to those tender moments of your young teenage years. I found myself, in the throws of a sch