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Not An Urban Queen - Rants of a Bibliophile

I eagerly spend time in bookstores.  They are part of my life, real books, even though my family purchased the Kindle Fire for me for Christmas, there is something about real books. The day all the kids were back in their respective classroom, I found myself at the mall, at the bookstore, working.  I decided to walk the aisles and see if their were any new titles. My genre is black female literary works so of course, I was in a Barnes and Noble in a heavily populated diverse area of the metro and thought, surely, they will have some works by true literary writers.  Much to my dismay, their "African American" section was a simple 2-foot encap with titles that resembled an entry in the soft-porn category. I ranted about this issue before and have talked about it with my friends.  I am a modern, middle aged (finally admitting that), educated, upper income black woman who works at home and loves to read.  I have never lived in the ghetto, don't walk around in a thong,