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The Lyrical Emotion of Toni Morrison’s Sula

There is a reason why Toni Morrison is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature; why her celebrated literary genius has earned her great respect in our country and abroad.  Her poetic, imagery and telling narrative of historical moments is never more evident than in the emotional story of Sula. I once commented that one is truly grown up when they can read Morrison and delve into the feelings behind her poetic writing. Sula is a classic, first published in 1973, and at the cusp of black intellectual thought and progressive movements of the 1970s. Morrison was a contemporary of Dr. Angelou, each of these strong, black female writers contributed to the literary discourse we celebrate almost forty years later. This historical fiction, set in a small Ohio town, a place in the North, begins in 1919 and ends in 1965 – spanned that crucial time in American history from the end of World War I to the height of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights era.  It follows the characters

The Wake of the Wind

J. California Cooper has sealed a place for herself in my heart and on my bookshelf. Her at times lyrical and at other times observational writings in The Wake of the Wind has given me a glimpse into the heart and mind of a time beyond my knowing. The book is set in the waning moments of the Civil War and the dawning of the Emancipation Proclamation.  It is told through the main voice of two former slaves who journey from the darkest, darkest places of bondage - Texas - to eventually a land where their next generations will prosper - Virginia. Mor and Lifee have earned a place in my imaginary great hall of ancestors who paved a path for the rest of us to follow - all of us who have ancestors who were once captured from the lush green and vibrant winds of the great motherland of Africa . Africa, that still weeps for her millions and millions of sons and daughters who were stolen to feed an insatiable greed, opened the beautiful story of this book and shared her thoughts about w