Read With Me - The Wake of the Wind by J. California Cooper

Sometimes, moments happen that the ordinary must be shifted for the extraordinary.

I am just beginning my reading and prospective review of The Wake of the Wind and decided that I needed to share this important excerpt and challenge you to buy, borrow, or ebook this challenging story.  It is speaking to us in the times we are in. Listen, learn, and live, my people.

"I am Africa. I am a place. I am a state of mind.
Hundred of years ago my children lived free.  We had our skirmishes, within my shores; even small wars that did not disturb my great and sprawling land.  We were not perfect.  But...we never left our shores to seek to destroy and rob any other culture or people; to steal the fruit of their land or minds and leave the land and people ravaged.  Nor did we seek to steal any people's love of themselves.  Nor tell other peoples they were ignorant savages and inferior while we were superior, as the whitish ones said to us.  They lied so much and long they began to believe it themselves.  They cried "GOD" with their mouths while holding a knife in one hand and a gun in the other; slicing and firing at a vibrant life.  When the strange whitish peoples came they brought with them their diseases, diseases frown from filth and spread with alacrity.  They also brought with them other diseases including endless greed, envy and hate; our nations changed.  yes, they, the savages, called us savages.  but, now, look... the true savages are they, the strange whitish ones.  They kill for land, women or gold, spreading their savageness to all others, even among themselves.  And...they have not influenced others. Anatema!

They spoke of their civilizations. Civilized is not what most of them are or do.  They ridiculed our raiment. Because they wear European clothes; what have clothes to do with the character of the soul?


They are proud of their concrete streets and steel buildings, but are they happy owning them? No. They are only hard places to form more hard plans.


They, the whitish ones, have built a world they no longer wish to live in.  Now ... they reach out to space. But, if there is life in space...and if that life is wise...they will not let the whitish ones invade space.  after all, they had the earth and see what they have done with it.  Also, they took my children, the people of Africa.  They have desecrated the earth, and are enraged because they have not extinguished my children; my African people have survived.

I have made note of one other thing.  One must not be the worst of what the enemy is.  Among the whitish ones...there are those who do have a heart. Who are souls that can contain love, not just fear. These are the good who are dispersed, here and there, throughout the land. but...I say to you, my people, you do not need sticks and guns, they do not often help,. You need brains...and love...which you have in abundance as your motherland has, still, and abundance...of everything."

excerpt from The Prologue, pp. 1-2


  1. Wow- What an incredible excerpt. I am looking forward to the rest of your review!


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