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Read With Me - The Wake of the Wind by J. California Cooper

Sometimes, moments happen that the ordinary must be shifted for the extraordinary. I am just beginning my reading and prospective review of The Wake of the Wind and decided that I needed to share this important excerpt and challenge you to buy, borrow, or ebook this challenging story.  It is speaking to us in the times we are in. Listen, learn, and live, my people. "I am Africa. I am a place. I am a state of mind. Hundred of years ago my children lived free.  We had our skirmishes, within my shores; even small wars that did not disturb my great and sprawling land.  We were not perfect.  But...we never left our shores to seek to destroy and rob any other culture or people; to steal the fruit of their land or minds and leave the land and people ravaged.  Nor did we seek to steal any people's love of themselves.  Nor tell other peoples they were ignorant savages and inferior while we were superior, as the whitish ones said to us.  They lied so much and long they began to bel

Nowhere Is A Place by Bernice L. McFadden

Once again, Bernice L. McFadden, invites you in, gets you comfortable, and keeps you intrigued to the very last page, and even then, like a sweet, succulent piece of Georgia peace cobbler, refused to let you go until you have enjoyed every last tasty morsel.  That is the story of Nowhere is a Place. This is one of the most intriguing dual books I've ever read, the journey, much like that of Sherry and Dumpling, taking me whereever the road led, time non-existent, and the destination merely a moment, the steps and stops along the way were the real experience. Tracing, confronting, and accepting one's family heritage is a process, especially for a lot of black Americans who can only trace their family line back three or at most four generations post slavery.  The Lessing family is different in that there was a beginning and three generations before the beginning even changed the course of the story, with an Indian girl, immersed in