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My son graduates this month. Then he is heading off to college, like many of his friends. He will have all the things he needs for his dorm. And he will have something else, books. I live to read, as do many of my kids, this one, not so much, however, when he does and talks about it, he is good. He is heading off to college with the following books as must-reads on the path to adult black manhood. his Bible, of course Native Son and Black Boy by Richard Wright Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison Song Yet Sung by James McBride Song of Solomon and Jazz by Toni Morrison (even though he read these in AP Lit) Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody the Measure of a man by Sidney Poitier narrative of the Life of Frederick Duglass souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. duBois native Stranger by Eddy Harris Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington before the Mayflower by Lerone Bennett jr. man child in the Promise Land by Claude Brown These are just a start What books would you select for the 18-24 year old young black male heading off to college? My next list will be for the young black female 18-24 heading off to college.


  1. I haven't read all of these. We should make sure to put a classic or two on the CFUH Book Club's reading list each year!

  2. It would be great to read these books in book club. There are many that would add to awesome discussions!


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