The Taste of Salt

When someone you love is set on destroying themselves, it leaves you with feelings of disconnect, disgust, and discouragement. Sometimes you simply want to get as far away from them as possible, an ocean away, and sometimes you want to simply ignore their issues, their problems, pretend they don't exist, simply act as if you stepped into the world the fully grown, fully accomplished, fully aware person you seem on the outside. Sometimes it is just impossible.

Such is the story of Josie, her father, her mother, her brother, her husband, and her lover in The Taste of Salt.

It didn't matter how deep into the ocean she preferred to exist, her small world was even smaller when addictions found their way into her quiet sanctuary.

Addictions destroy not only the one challenged with overcoming, but at times, those who love them the most, those who want to help them one more time, knowing, that ultimately, the pain the addicted can only be healed through efforts they take on their own. Josie lived this.

Redemption can come in the end, an unexpected support, a healing touch, toes in the sands along Lake Erie. It is possible to heal, even if the one addicted does not, physician heal thyself.

This is a must read for anyone who longs to get inside the heart and mind of those they love so much who destroy their bodies through the unbreaking chains of addiction. Remember growing up in the late 80s? The opportunity and possibility? There is even a little bit in here for the sports fan. More than that, it is about life and how precious it is.

Another great book by a black female author. This is worth the purchase.


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