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The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips

The Darkest Child was a disturbing book.   It made me feel a sense of rage and disgust as well as helplessness. It also made me feel hopeful for the protagonist and triumphant in the end that she would have the fullness of life she deserved. Tangy Mae is resilient and determined to achieve something so few black people ad achieved in Jim Crow America - an education, specifically, her high school diploma.  Somehow, she knew books and writing would be her escape from the unspeakable horror that was her mother. Tangy was determined to hold onto a sense of possibility despite her innocence sold to the highest bidder of lowest character.  Despite her mother being the catalyst for the evil bigot being the one to shred Tangy Mae's innocence and body, her body becoming a tool for another dress to feed her mother's depraved beauty.  There was a strength of character and hope that Tangy sought to hold onto and fulfill a dream, even as she couldn't completely understand all that