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Shifting Through Neutral

It has been a long time, a lifetime, really, that I've wanted to read a good book, pieces of literature, about people like me.  Girls who grew up post Civil Rights, post slavery, modern.  I wanted to feel a connection in my now two-year-quest to read black female literature. I stumbled upon this book while at a local, annual book fair.  I tucked it on my bookshelf, it patiently waiting its turn to be read, after the many literary volumes and book club reads.  The cover (original, not the sexed up one) kept beckoning me, so, being the multi-tasker that I am, I decided to start reading the book at night, a few pages at a time.  I was not disappointed. Shifting Through Neutral is a beautiful coming-of-age book about a girl reconciling her placement in a not-so-nuclear family.  Rae graduated from high school in 1980, that decade turning point that brought Reagan as president, big hair, and the birth of a modern time that we are still experiencing.  Her growing up, however, was duri