Pondering The Destruction and The Hope

I said it before and will say it again, we are on a rapid downhill spiral toward destruction.

This country saddens me.  We claim to be the moral absolute and there are rallys for everything from saving the whales to puppy mills and stopping abortion and corporate largesse, yet in all of this, there is a lack of humanity, the simple human decency of a hello.

I guess it all came to me the other day when I was finally reaquainted with the wonders of television and the Internet (my home system was briefly indisposed and now repaired) and was flooded with all the things that happened in my week absence.  I learned about Keith Olbermann's thoughtful, insightful, and intelligent commentary being silenced for the sake of corporate greed, media ratings, and new owners of MSNBC.  I read that Oscar de la Renta didn't like First Lady Michelle Obama's choice of dress for the state dinner and he just had to criticize her when all she has ever tried to do is be a real woman with a real husband and real children in an esteemed role, she has brought more humanity and openness to the role of First Lady and her style, well, she is unique, individual, elegant, and a tall black woman...not exactly the one Oscar would have designed for in the first place. 

My skipety-do-dah over to facebook was met with a post by an acquaintance alerting us to the DVD Violet Rose about a poor black woman in Texas who was being railroaded to prison because of the DEAs overzealous patrolling of the projects...and not for drugs, she was a waitress raising her children...but because the small town county where she lived needed money...and was rewarded with every "conviction" they got...so the small town court-appointed-attorneys were trying to force her to "cop a plea" and they all would get paid...hmmm.

I just sat down and started thinking about the last twenty eight years I have been an adult (since high school graduation) and the decline in the simple appreciation of life.  My entry into adulthood was probably marred by Reagan's "war on drugs" which was actually a plot to get more arms into the hands of the Contra and fund his illegal work through flooding poor black neighborhoods with drugs and guns.  Then to appease the "religious right" that was forming at the same time, they made poverty a crime but at the same time cut programs that would help people climb out of poverty.

There has been countless greed from industry after industry being deregulated and watchdogs being silenced.  And I thought again, what is happening to the voices of reason and opposition?  Did the one year mark of the Citizens United judgement that made a corporation a person have anything to do with this evil that is permeating through the country?  Funny, an inanimate thing is a person and black men were only 3/5th of a person and black women weren't even counted.  Humph.

Just when the state of our country and the downward spiral seemed endless, I smiled at the thought of the young activists who recognized the sins of the elders and are trying to make differences.  They may not have the power or the finances, but they have the voice, the technology, and the connections to make socially responsible enterprise a reality, they understand that the corporate back scam on homeownership and desimation of the middle class has brought down a destructive power on this country and has to be ended.  So, little by little, they are planting gardens, recycling, teaching, mentoring, discovering slow money and microloans, vowing to show local, send letters at rapid speed to their politicans, and speak out.  There is some hope.

I turned around in my desk chair and looked at my two daughters and somehow felt that it would be okay, they are insightful and hopeful for their future.  There is still humanity and whenever the forces of evil try to destroy the good of the people, the people do rise up, ban together, and recognize their collective humanity.  That is my hope.  There is possiblity and future in the that hope.


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