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The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

The wonderful thing about the summer is that one can read a few books just because. I've still been on my black female literature kick (currently reading Island Beneath The Sea by Isabel Allende - so guess she's not black, but the protagonist is a Mulatto/Creole woman from Saint Domingue during the time my ancestors were on that Caribbean Island.  That is for another post, I digress...) so this little coming of age book by Heidi W. Durrow is an excursion. This book was recommended by my favorite bookseller, Nikki at Pudd N' Head Books in Webster Groves.  Nikki and I talked today and we both believe this book will have critical acclaim when it comes out in paperback and is discovered by more people.  I highly recommend it for the YA market and the young college students who want to understand the complexities of race from a semi-autiobiographical perspective. The protagonist journeys from being a child of multi-cultural and multi-racial heritage.  Her dad is U.S. bl