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Can you feel it? The sway of the hips when the horn plays and the jazz soloist begins her rendition of soul stirring melodies that reach way down deep into the quiet spaces of your heart to take hold and rest there...until it cresendo's to a thumping beat and you feel as if your body is not your own, moving and stepping in ways you never imagined possible? These are the feelings one encounters when reading Rhythms by Donna Hill. This was the deep satisfaction and knowing that every page was worth the turn that one can compare to great organic French chocolate with is melt-in-your mouth creamy goodness, or the close-your-eyes-with-satisfaction at inhaling the citrus aroma of a perfectly pulled French press of Ethiopian Yigarchaffe, or the exhale of air and head-on-the-pillows-satisfaction of encountering love with your soul lover, these are the emotions of this book. Set lightly against the backdrop of history from the first generation past slavery to the middle stirrings of