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Annie John and Angel of Harlem

There are some stories that settle down in your soul and leave their mark on your heart. Such are the two books I recently finished. Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid and Angel of Harlem by Kuwana Haulsey were both as smoothly satisfying as a perfectly frothed vanilla latte, warm and comfortable, nurturing and enveloping, complete and satisfying. I love first person stories, perhaps because I recognize the need within myself to write my own words and to give my characters voice. I've also been drawn to the hidden treasures found in black female literature, far from the latest best selling books list but near to the soul of a reader. Each of the treasure were found in the used book section of Left Bank Books in the Central West End. Both will have permanent places on my bookshelf, each will be given to my daughter at the appropriate time for them to read and ponder. Annie John drew me because it was a mother-daughter love story with a young girl as the central character. She w