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Smooth and Frothy Espresso Shot Reviewed

During the lazy, hazy days of Christmas break I like to read something light and fun. I like to do this reading snuggled under a cozy blanket and sipping one of my classic vanilla lattes or peppermint white mochas. I wasn't disappointed in a new mystery series (note, it is new to me) I discovered before the holidays. The book I picked up for this occasion was Espresso Shot . It is a Coffeehouse Mystery series by internet java-diva, New Yorker, coffee lover, and writer, Cleo Coyle. Photo of the book courtesy of her website Currently a bestseller As I'm not a big follower of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association or really mysteries for that matter, this author and her work is entirely new to me. If you've read my other writing, The Musings of a Latte Queen , you will know that I absolutely love coffee. There is something magical about the aroma in the morning and seeing the crema form as this soothing brown wonder flows from my Breville. This is on the

Happy New Year of Reading for Babies and Toddlers

I declared 2009 the year of Black Female Literature. I probably should have declared it the year of family reading. This blog is dedicated to books and book reviews. What is on my bookshelf, what is on my children's bookshelf, what my daughters are reading, what my sons' request. This is the place to turn off the TV and open the book. Beginning with the very youngest. I am a new aunt of a precious little micro-preemie named Taylor. The baby will have a hard journey to her real due date now that she is out-of-the-womb at only 24-weeks gestation. I told her mom, Kim, that one soothing thing she can do in addition to loving and touching her is to read to her. Here are some favorites: 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle - really any of his books. The colors are engaging and the hard-back books have held up well with my two daughters. I actually read this story to my baby girls when they were nuzzled in my womb. There is something to this utero-hearing thing be